Pelosi's Pearls Necklace - Short

Pelosi's Pearls Necklace - Short (Swarovski crystal pearls)
Pelosi's Pearls Necklace & Unmatched Earrings - Short (Swarovski crystal pearls)
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Price: $110.00

Nancy Pelosi made a strong statement when she first showcased her gorgeous Tahitian Pearl necklace a few years back.  A single Tahitian Pearl necklace can fetch thousands of dollars.  Just for an example, a 12mm strand can run anywhere from $4000-$30,000+ depending on the quality, shape and color.  This piece is a "costume" replica made using Swarovski crystal pearls which are crystals coated with ground up pearl dust.  These are extremely high quality "costume" pearls and are used widely throughout the fashion industry.  Get your "look-a-like" piece today and stand out at your next business meeting or while you are out for a romantic night on the town. 

This piece is made using Swarovski crystal pearls, seed beads and sterling silver findings.  This necklace comes in two lengths - short and long.   Matching earrings are also available.  Purchase a set (necklace & earrings) and save $10.00. 
The short necklace length is 15.33" (choker style - right at the base of the neck).  
   Note: Necklace is slightly heavy

Earrings are available in all of the colors used in the necklace as a matching pair (i.e. 2 grey - see Pelosi's Pearls Necklace - Long), or unmatched pair (i.e. 1 brown, 1 grey - see the picture to the right on the bottom).  Just specify what you would like in order comments.